Basically, the roles in the Busy Company are distributed by the metadata of the NFTs. So it depends on your individual NFT which job you can take. Since NFTs are tradable, it also means that roles are tradable and you can pursue your exact passion.

In addition, special achievements are rewarded with a promotion and also certain roles are manually assigned to particularly suitable people in order to maintain a productive and efficient company structure. We are aware that not everyone is suitable for every job and therefore the above-mentioned measures are additionally taken.

Executive board

too busy for names

lead artist of the busy boars. involved in the crypto and nft space for several years and founding member of two companies.

SOCIAL manageR

responsible for social and marketing management behind busy boars.

Organizational Management

He is responsible for the organization and order of the team and the community and is truly an all-rounder in his field.


Administrator and blockchain dev. founding member of two companies.

Motion designer

A talented team of motion designers who have many years of experience in animating 2d characters. They bring the busy boars to life and make them a completely unique collection.

The dev

A real all-rounder in the field of development. He masters several programming languages and is not a novice in Blockchain development.

community manager

A detached community manager with experience in large solana nft projects

Concept Artist

An imaginative concept artist responsible for some of our artworks and concept designs.

Team Background

The Founders have already founded two companies and in the last two and a half years the focus has completely changed to Blockchain and NFTs. It became the main mission to found a sustainable, innovative, long-term and profitable NFT project. In preparation, the whole market was studied, learned Rust, Unreal Engine and everything about Defi. Ideas were collected and fine-tuned. It quickly became clear that we need to create an unbeatable team and so the entire team consists of talented acquaintances of the last two years in crypto. 
From talented artists and illustrators to community managers and marketing experts to talented developers, the team is well-positioned and ready to take Busy Boars to the top.