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One Step Busier is our online NFT/Crypto job portal, which can be used completely free of charge by every participant of the Crypto and NFT space. With One Step Busier we want to make the Solana NFT space and the whole crypto space more accessible, mature, organized and professional. One Step Busier is meant to give a project founder the possibility to find competent forces for his NFT/crypto project team in any field. Talented and dedicated artists, developers, moderators, project managers, etc. should have the opportunity to be found and hired. One Step Busier is the chance for everyone to get a foothold in this crazy and disorganized but promising space, no matter if you are a project founder or a dedicated future team member, or simply want to build a second foothold in this space. One Step Busier is the place to start. 

Step 1: Create the basic platform with the basic features (Done, ready shortly after mint)

In this version everyone will be able to create their own profile and present their portfolio. This includes experience, titles, past participation in projects and so on. You can also indicate here what role you would like to play in a project. (For example: presenter or artist) 

There will also be a search field where projects or companies can filter by different roles. For example, if they filter by "moderator" they will be offered a list of dedicated and experienced moderators. 

Additionally you can create Job offers or Job searches. This allows you to find the right person for the job or the right job for the person!


Step 2: One Step Busier Update

The One Step Busier platform will be updated regularly. For the first Update we want to introduce Bug Fixes, UI Updates, Rating system for workers and platform chatting system.

Let's get to the next level!

Let's get busier!